Mark Blaisse

Mark Blaisse is a freelance journalist, writer and researcher. He studied history and philosophy (MA) in Amsterdam, Florence and Paris (DEA). He is a fellow of NIAS doing research on international terrorism and its relation to the media.

From 1978 to 1993 he worked as a journalist and correspondent (Bonn, Paris, Middle East), anchor man (TV), editor in chief (European Affairs; Quote) and as director of TV documentaries. Furthermore he worked as a columnist, writer and lecturer. From 1994 to 2012 he was a board room consultant on international affairs and trends, strategic government advisor (Equatorial Guinea) and strategy consultant to the chair of the African Union (2011). He worked as a writer and lecturer on public interest initiatives serving transparency and democracy. Mark was a spokesman for the global anti-landmine initiative (2004).

Currently he is working on the legacy of the Fang culture and a history of Equatorial Guinea.

Recent publications:

De Adviseur. Drie jaar fluisteren tegen een dictator. PanArea Publishing (2021) (On Equatorial Guinea).
Tussen de ruïnes. Ibn Khaldûn (1332-1406), historicus, adviseur, opportunist. Het Wereldvenster (2021).