Marion Eeckhout

Marion van Eeckhout has a Masters in Development Economics (1981, VU University Amsterdam). From 1982 until 1986 sheworked for the FAO in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. From 1986 until 1992 she joined a Dutch consultancy firm (Euroconsult) for long and short assignments and multi-disciplinary teams in planning, monitoring & evaluation and capacity building. Starting 1992 she has been working for the Minister of Development Cooperation in several positions and assignments (strategic advisor on macro economics; strategic advisor on institutional economics;  technical advisor innovative financing). The last two years she worked for the Ministry of Economic Affairs on globalisation and inequality. Upon her retirement she joined the Nedworc management team and SDG Nederland board in March 2022.

 Research interests: micro-macro connections, state-business relations, SME business, Finance for Development, heterodox economics, and  political institutional economics PIE).

Recent publications:

Micro-Macro verbanden in Tanzania: waar zit de kink in de kabel? 
From billions to trillions: Is the Financing for Development Agenda universal and inclusive? (ASC Working Paper 123, 2015).
Innovative financing for the achievement of SDG’s: the case of the FMO 2018. The impact of globalization on the inequality of chances (2019).