Margriet van der Waal

Margriet van der Waal (b. South Africa) holds the Endowed Chair for South African literature, culture and history at the University of Amsterdam and is Associated Professor in cultural studies at the University of Groningen, where she teaches in the Erasmus Mundus programme Euroculture. In her work, situated in the overlap between African and European Studies, she investigates processes of cultural and aesthetic representation and the functioning of translingual and transcultural cultural public sphere(s) in postcolonial contexts (South Africa and Europe in particular) — especially how the arts and culture deal with matters related to identity, identification and social relationality. In her inaugural lecture (2018) she investigated who has taken up the right to speak since 1994, and importantly, whose voice is actually being heard in South African media, novels, films and music.

Expertise: Literary and Cultural Studies/Cultural Analysis.

Recent publications:

Van der Waal, Margriet. "Having the Right to Speak: On Culture and the Public Sphere in South Africa." Narrative Values, the Value of Narrative. Edited by Barend van Heusden and Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar. De Gruyter (accepted, forthcoming 2022)
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Stobbe, Jeltsje, Rosa Deen and Margriet van der Waal (eds.) Magic Visions. Portraying and Inventing South Africa with Lantern Slides. Stichting Zuid-Afrikahuis (in press, 2021). NOTA BENE: This publication won the annual Mervyn Head Award 2020 (of the Magic Lantern Society, UK)
Van der Waal, Margriet. "Rewarding an Imagined South Africa: Literary Prizes in South Africa before and after 1994." Literary Prizes and Cultural Transfer. Edited by Petra Broomans, Mathijs Sanders and Jeanette den Toonder. Studies in Cultural Transfer & Transmission, Volume 9. Barkhuis, 2021, pp. 131-158. ISBN 9789493194380
Van der Waal, Margriet and Rieke Böhling. "In Their Shoes: A Plurality of Voices in Refugee Reality TV: Categorizing Identities, Creating Citizens." European Journal of Cultural Studies, 24.1 (2021) (online first, e-pub ahead of publication. 14 October 2019). DOI: 10.1177/1367549419869355
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Van der Waal, Margriet. "The Social Imaginary of Europe's 'Losers': Representing European Precarity." Politique Européenne. 2019/4 (number 66), pp. 170-193. DOI: 10.3917/poeu.066.0170
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Van der Waal, Margriet. "Long Distance Afrikaners. Afrikaans Literature and Dislocated Identity in a European Context." In Imaginary Europes: Literary and Filmic Representations of Europe from Afar. Edited by Elisabeth Bekers, Maggie Bowers and Sissy Helff. Routledge, 2017, pp. 70-81 ISBN: 978-1-138-22331-8
Van der Waal, Margriet. "13 Uur van Deon Meyer as leidraad vir sosiale identiteit in a stedelike konteks: om 'n burger in Kaapstad te wees en daar tuis te hoort.” Tydskrif vir Nederlands & Afrikaans. 24.1 (2017): 53-68.
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University of Amsterdam/University of Groningen