Louise Müller

Louise F. Müller has a PhD and an MSc. in African Philosophy and Studies obtained from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In the Netherlands (Erasmus University and Leiden University) she studied African and Intercultural Philosophy and World History and worked at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. Louise is currently affiliated with the Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) at Leiden University, a fellow member of the African Studies Centre Leiden community and a senior researcher at the University of KwaZulu Natal. She is the secretary of the Dutch OZSW research network in African Intercultural Philosophy, and she is on the editorial board and blogs at Quest for Wisdom Foundation (QFWF).

She is currently working on a book titled ‘A New Narrative of Saint Nicholas’ Black Companions’, based on her expertise in African Philosophy, Mythology and African and World History. In 2013, she wrote the interdisciplinary monograph titled ‘Religion and Chieftaincy in Ghana’ (Lit Verlag, 2013). Louise published various articles.