Lotte Pelckmans


Dr Lotte Pelckmans is currently (2022) working on social media mobilisation by anti-slavery activists and the long history of protracted (invisible) displacements related to descent-based slavery in Mali (Sahel region). She is editing a documentary movie on gender and contemporary transnational anti-slavery activism focusing on the Soninke Diaspora from Mali. From end of 2022-2023 she will start research on court cases, authorship and narratives of contemporary slavery in Ghana for the Authoring Slavery project.
Pelckmans is an associate professor based at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She obtained her master’s degree in anthropology from Leiden University, her PhD at the African Studies Centre Leiden and has worked in Dutch, French, German and Danish academia. She focuses on the crossroads between migration and slavery studies and has published on conflict, nomads, social media, rights and the intersecting social and spatial mobilities of people with slave status, as well as anti-slavery movements in post-slavery West Africa and the West African diaspora. Pelckmans recently joined the COST network Women on the move, on female migrants in Europe.