Loes Oudenhuijsen

Loes Oudenhuijsen is a PhD candidate at the African Studies Centre Leiden. She holds a BSc in International Development Studies from Wageningen University, and an MA in African Studies (research) from Leiden University. At the ASCL she works on her own PhD-project about transformations and continuations in gender norms in Senegal, through a focus on the positioning of sexually dissident women in society. At the ASCL, she is furthermore involved in teaching in the (research) MA African Studies. Loes is also an editorial board member of LOVA, the Dutch association for feminist anthropology and gender studies. Additionally, she is a member of its working group Safety in the field, which seeks to explore and discuss how ethnographic fieldwork can be taught and practiced in safer, inclusive and ethical ways. Loes has also been involved in Voice4Thought foundation, and has published with Prof. Dr Mirjam de Bruijn on women in slam poetry.

Recent publications

Oudenhuijsen, Loes. 2022. ‘’Desiring researchers: Reflecting on sexuality and fieldwork in Senegal.’’ LOVA Journal 42: 21-38.

De Bruijn, Mirjam, and Loes Oudenhuijsen. 2021. ‘’Female slam poets of francophone Africa: spirited    words for social change.’’ Africa 91(5): 742-767.

Oudenhuijsen, Loes. 2021. ‘’Quietly queer(ing): the normative value of sutura and its queer potential    for young women in urban Senegal.’’ Africa 91(3): 434-452.

Oudenhuijsen, Loes. 2021. ‘’She Called Me Woman: Nigeria’s Queer Women Speak”: Reflections from a Scholar of Senegalese History.’’ Women in Islam journal 5.

Ligtvoet, Inge and Loes Oudenhuijsen. 2018. ‘’Jeunesse Rebelle? Médias sociaux, leadership charismatique, et jeunes ‘radicalisés’ lors des manifestations de 2015 au Biafra.’’ In Biographies de la radicalisation: des messages cachés du changement social, edited by Mirjam de Bruijn. Cameroon: Langaa RPCIG.

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