Lidewyde Berckmoes

Lidewyde Berckmoes is an anthropologist and carries out research on regional conflict in Africa, particularly in Burundi and the Great Lakes region.

She has participated in several research projects. Her PhD study investigated social practices among young people in the aftermath of conflict in Bujumbura, Burundi (2014). In subsequent projects focus lay on intergenerational transmission and long-term effects of conflict for children and youth in and from Burundi and Rwanda, which she explored in multidisciplinary research teams (e.g. with medical anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists and an artist photographer). In her current work she employs life-course and intergenerational perspectives to advance the understanding of regional and cyclical conflict dynamics in Africa.

Lidewyde Berckmoes is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and with the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement in Amsterdam. Since 1 October 2018 she works as Assistant Professor Regional conflict in contemporary Africa at the African Studies Centre Leiden.

Keywords: Africa, conflict, children and youth, intergenerational transmission, resilience, cyclical violence, regional conflict.