Ksenia Robbe

Ksenia Robbe’s research engages with interfaces between postcolonial and postsocialist studies, with the focus on sociocultural processes in Southern Africa and Eastern Europe over the past three decades. She writes primarily on questions of memory and time as well as gender and feminism in literature, film and visual art. Her current research enquires into the memories of the 1980-90s ‘transitions’ in Russian and South African cultural production. She is a Senior lecturer in European Culture and Literature (Russian) at the University of Groningen and PI in the NETIAS project “Reconstituting Publics through Remembering Transitions: Facilitating Critical Engagement with the 1980-90s on Local and Transnational Scales” (2021-24). She worked previously as an Assistant professor at Leiden University and was a fellow at the African Studies Centre in Leiden in 2018. She held visiting scholarships at the Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town, at Freiburg University, the Polish Institute for Advanced Studies and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies. Ksenia Robbe is on ResearchGate.

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