Josh Maiyo

Josh Maiyo is currently based at the VU University Amsterdam where he is undertaking PhD research in the NWO-WOTRO Funded research programme ‘Development as a Trojan Horse? Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Uganda’. His research examines the (inter)national discourses and local realities of large-scale land acquisitions in Uganda, focusing on four case studies of Chinese, Indian and Norwegian farms in central Uganda.

Josh also holds a MSc degree in political science (cum laude)from the University of Amsterdam and a MPhil in African Studies from the African Studies Centre, Leiden University. Prior to commencing his PhD research, Josh was a lecturer in political  Science at the University of Amsterdam where he taught and supervised courses on politics of development. He’s also been a guest lecturer at The Hague University of Professional Education. Before joining the academy, Josh worked as a journalist in Kenya and the Netherlands.

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VU University Amsterdam
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