Jean Chavula

Dr Jean J. Chavula is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Language Studies since 2003 and lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Malawi with expertise in both general and applied linguistics. She is also the Acting Deputy Director at the Centre. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University (The Netherlands). She successfully led the compilation of the first ever Citumbuka monolingual dictionary by the University of Malawi’s Centre for Language Studies. Her areas of interest include: language description, Bantu linguistics, linguistic typology, language policy and planning, and basic literacy.

Recent publications:

Chavula, J.J. (2018). The polysemy of the neuter extension -ik- in Ctumbuka (N21) and Citonga (N15). Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 36:3, 197-209

Chavula, J.J. (2020). The Polysemy of the reciprocal suffix -an- Citumbuka (N21). Van der Wal, J. H. Smits, S. Petrollino, V. Nyst and M. Kossman (eds). Essays on African Languages and linguistics in honour of Maarten Mous. Leiden: ASCL occasional publications 41. Pp213-227

Colin Reilly, Elvis ResCue and Jean Josephine Chavula (2022) Language policy in Ghana and Malawi: differing approaches to multilingualism in education. Journal of the British Academy, 10(s4), 69–95 .

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