Jean Chavula

PhD in Linguistics, Leiden University; MA Linguistics and BA Humanities, University of Malawi.

I am a  Malawian scholar interested in Language description and documentation, Syntax, Bantu languages, Linguistic typology, Language planning and policy, Mother-tongue vs basic literacy. I work as a Language Specialist at the Centre for Language Studies (University of Malawi) as well as Lecturer in African Languages and Linguistics at Chancellor College (University of Malawi). Current projects include developing monolingual dictionaries for Citumbuka and Chichewa and Documentation of Citumbuka, Kyangonde and Chichewa proverbs and folktales. I have also been involved in advocating for the use of familiar languages as media of instruction in primary schools.

Verbal derivation and valency in Citumbuka, LOT dissertation series; 2016-423

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University of Malawi
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