Ibrahima Poudiougou

Ibrahima Poudiougou is currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Turin. His research interest is in land related conflicts, politics of memory and cultural heritage in Mopti, Mali (Djenné and Dogon country). He is also a research assistant in the project "DigiDogon: Digitizing Dogon heritage" at the African Studies Centre of Leiden University. He holds a joined Master of Science in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance from the International University College and the University of Turin (2018), a double degree Master in Cultural anthropology (Laurea Magistrale) from the University of Turin, and a Master in Social Sciences of Politics "Analyse Comparée des Sociétés Méditerranéennes" (COSM) from the Ecole de Gouvernance et d'Economie, Mohamed VI Politechnic University of Rabat, and a Master degree in Tourism, Heritage and Sustainable Development from Faculty of Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech.

Affiliate member
University of Turin