Gustave Gaye

Gustave is a student in his 3rd year of PhD in International Development at FUID and his research focuses on poverty and vulnerability of populations around the Benue basin in Northern Cameroon. His work analyzes the impact of ecological crises on livelihoods of populations in order to advise councils, NGOs and farmers' grassroots organizations on how to maintain a good balance between the livelihoods of humans and the conservation of natural resources in their environment.

Gustave worked for five years as VSO International Programme Manager in Maroua and Garoua and he worked for other NGOs included an UN agency. He is the author of two articles on public policy and poverty in northern Cameroon. He is focusing on issues of social and economic rights as well as the civic participation of communities in participatory governance of natural resources in their environments.

Affiliate member
Francophone University of International Development
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