Fred van der Kraaij

Fred van der KraaijAcademic background
Development economics (Tilburg University). Ph.D. in economics from Tilburg University (with honors).

Fred van der Kraaij’s professional career covers some 40 years of which 20 years abroad - mostly in West Africa - and 20 years at the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an evaluator in the ministry’s independent evaluation unit. He also worked for the Government of Liberia, the World Bank and the European Commission.

Working experience
(a) project planning, implementation & evaluation; university teaching (UL, Liberia);
(b) areas covered: agriculture, debt relief, foreign direct investments, forestry, health (AIDS), macroeconomic analysis & advice, micro-financing, public finance, program and project aid, research, rural development, structural adjustment, urbanization;
(c) institutional experience: European Commission (Brussels/Bamako), Ministère du Développement Rural (Burkina Faso), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the Netherlands), Ministère du Plan (Mali), World Bank (Washington DC);

Research interests
1) Political and economic history of Liberia
2) Relations between the Netherlands and ‘Africa’ since the Middle Ages, notably but not exclusively the role of the Netherlands in the trans-Atlantic slave trade
3) Black people in 20th c. Dutch children literature