Felix Ameka

Felix K. Ameka is a Professor and CIPL/CIPSH Chair Ethnolinguisitic Vitality and Diversity in the World at Leiden University. He is a socio-cultural-cognitive language scientist whose research interests focus on the languages and cultures of West Africa and involve the description and documentation of linguistic and cultural practices, language contact, language typology, sociolinguistics of development, multilingualism, ethnolinguistic vitality and diversity, questions of decoloniality, knowledge production and ethics.


Recent publications:

Ameka, Felix K. 2023. 'The conception of the make-up of a person in Ewe'. In Andrea Hollington, Alice Mitchell & Nico Nassenstein (eds) Anthropological linguistics in Africa. Amsterdam: John Benjamis (in press).

Ameka, Felix K. & Deborah Hill. 2022. 'Introduction: What Can Linguistics and Language(s) Contribute to Development Practices?' In Hill, Deborah & Felix K. Ameka.(eds.). Languages, Linguistics and Development Practices 1-22. Palgrave: Macmillan.

Krijtenburg, Froukje, Michelle Tjeenk Willink, Felix K. Ameka. and Aflatoun. 2022. 'Localising Global Financial Key Terms: Case Studies from East Africa'. Languages, Linguistics and Development Practices, 23-58. Cham: Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Ameka, Felix K. 2022. 'Communicative (in) competence based othering: Examples from West Africa'. In Dixon RMW & Anne Storch(eds.)The art of language, 133-150.Leiden: Brill.

Ameka, Felix K.  & Azeb Amha. 2022. 'Research on language and culture in Africa'. In Nassenstein, Nico & Svrenja Vörkel (eds.) Approaches to language and culture research, 339- 383. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton

Ameka, Felix K.  2020. “I sh. t in your mouth”: Areal invectives in the Lower Volta Basin (West Africa)'. In: Nico Nassenstein & Anne Storch  (eds.) Swearing and Cursing: Contexts and Practices in a Critical Linguistic Perspective, 122 -145. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton.

Ameka, Felix K. & Deborah Hill.  2020. 'The comparative semantics of verbs of ‘opening’: West Africa vs Oceania'. In Bromhead, Helen & Zhengdao Ye (eds.) Meaning, Life and Culture, 33 – 59. Canberra: ANU Press.

Ameka, Felix K. & Marina Terkourafi. 2019.  "What if…? Imagining non-Western perspectives on pragmatic theory and practice'. Journal of Pragmatics 145. 72-82.

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