Faith Osasumwen Olanrewaju

Faith Osasumwen Olanrewaju has a PhD in International Relations from Covenant University, Nigeria, where she currently lectures. Her research interest are Internal displacement, human rights, conflict, gender issues, development and security. She has published over 40 peer reviewed papers in both local and international journals and book chapters. She is an editorial board member of the Journal of Internal Displacement, the only journal dedicated to the discourse of internal displacement. She is also a guest editor of Covenant University Journal of Politics and International Affairs.
She has peer reviewed articles for journals such as Development Policy Review, Third World Quarterly, Cogent Social Science and Journal of Internal Displacement amongst others. Past projects include advocacy against internal displacement and gender-based violence. Her scholarly works have been presented in both local and international conferences including the United Nations at 75 International Conference, an international conference collaboratively organised by Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria and the United Nations Information Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.
Associate member
Covenant University