Eunice Wangui Stuhlhofer

Eunice Wangui Stuhlhofer is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified child and youth therapist. She lives and works in Austria. She is keen on combining psychotherapy practice and research. Eunice is a Postdoc fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a nominated Expert of the European Commission on the views of migrants.

She has been interested in the role of culture in the development and manifestation of mental disorders. Thus, in her undergraduate and graduate studies in psychotherapy science, she undertook an expert study in Kenya to determine the existence of anorexia nervosa among the Kenyan female population.

Her personal migration experiences and extensive work with refugees and migrants kindled an interest in migration research. The obvious absence of African clients seeking psychological support shaped her quest. Therefore, Eunice embarked on a Ph.D. study in psychotherapy science at Sigmund Freud University and investigated the lived experiences of Kenyan female migrants in Austria. Her acclaimed dissertation provided an overarching deep theoretical background on Africa and Kenya and the results argued for an innovative shift in discoursing international African migration. This project will shape her future research endeavours.

Eunice's research interests include international African migration, culture and mental health, African feminism(s), and decolonisation.

List of recent publications:

Stuhlhofer, E. (2019). „Sie kommen doch aus Afrika, dadurch wissen Sie ja, wie sich das anfühlt, Schwester.“ Gedanken zu Kultur und ihren Einfluss auf die Psychotherapie. In Ritter D. (Hg.)Grenz/be/ziehungen, pp. 97-102, Facultas.wuv - Maudrich,Wien, ISBN:9783990309162.

Stuhlhofer, E. W (2015). Culture and Psychopathology: An Intercultural Exposition of Anorexia Nervosa. World Journal of Psychotherapy, №1 (8), pp. 123—128.

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