Dorine van Norren

Dorine van Norren is an associate researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society as well as Associate Researcher University of Pretoria, faculty of Philosophy, department of Humanities. She has a master in international and Dutch law (1995) and a PhD in law and development studies (2017, Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam). The title of her dissertation was ’Development as Service: A Happiness, Ubuntu and Buen Vivir interdisciplinary view of the Sustainable Development Goals’. She studied law in Amsterdam and South Africa (Cape Town) and French for a year in France (Lyon). She worked as a diplomat in Sri Lanka (Colombo, 1998-2001) and Turkey (Ankara, 2001-2005) and held several positions at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Southern Africa, ’96-’98, North America, 2005-2009, European Integration, 2013-2014, desks). She worked as the Advisory Council of International Affairs (AIV, 2009-2013), as an executive secretary for the Commission on Development and as Coordinator for UNESCO, human rights and SDGs at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (2016-2020). Currently she is Strategic Advisor for the Western Hemisphere (2020-now). She gives (inter)national lectures on her PhD and published several articles and blogs. She is also a self-taught visual artist, the works of which are represented in her PhD.

Keywords: Ubuntu, (South) Africa, Sustainable Development Goals, broader wellbeing, law.