Dilys Amoabeng

Dilys Amoabeng is currently a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department at the Amsterdam Institute of the Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam. Her research is part of a wider project entitled “Sexuality and the making of the middle class: A comparative study of desire and status in three African Countries". Her research explores marriage practices, as ideas and practices of distinction (or of middle classness) typically articulated via gender and sexuality. She aims to do a three-generation historical perspective that provides a vantage point from which to examine transformations in marriage over the last century in southern Ghana.

Dilys is also a Principal Research Assistant with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology  in the University of Cape Coast where she is part of the team developing the first anthropology programme in Ghana. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics and Sociology) and a Master of Arts (Sociology), both from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Dilys is an Australia Awards Fellowship’s Alumni of Flinders University. Her research interest centres around gender related issues, marriage, leadership, gender violence and sexuality.

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