Densua Mumford

Densua Mumford is Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Leiden University. She completed her DPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford. Her primary research explores the international relations of African peoples and states. Within this broad theme, she focuses on the role of regional organisations such as the African Union, ECOWAS, and SADC in the political and economic dynamics of the continent. Her previous projects have explained the creation and empowerment of regional parliaments such as the ECOWAS Parliament, with a focus on the agency and beliefs of African actors. She is currently investigating the discursive context of African regionalism. Secondarily, she has a robust interest in the politics of the internet and digital technologies, with a current project on the political narratives of cryptocurrency evangelists. Her work today contributes to decolonising perspectives on international relations.
List of Publications
Mumford, Densua (2021). How regional norms shape regional organizations: The Pan-African rhetorical trap and the empowerment of the ECOWAS Parliament. In: African Affairs, 120 (478): 1 - 25.
Mumford, Densua (2021). Building Regional Communities: The Role of Regional Organisations in Africa. In: Futak-Campbell, Beatrix (ed.): Globalising Regionalism and International Relations. Bristol: Bristol University Press, pp. 77 - 101
Mumford, Densua [with Frank Schimmelfennig et al] (2020). The Rise of International Parliaments: Strategic Legitimation in International Organizations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.