Charmaine Williamson

Charmaine Williamson is Academic Programme Manager for Santrust, a Trust that extended some of the work of the Dutch-funded SANPAD.

Charmaine is currently doing a Doctorate in the strategic decision- making processes of Official Development Assistance (ODA) within South African and with a view to South Africa’s potential ODA engagements on the Continent. She has worked intensively in the ODA field, with particular specialisation in the field of European Union and South African partnerships.

She has lectured Executive and Human Resource Development as well as Strategy at the Business School of Netherlands and was the Director of the Conflict and Governance Facility, a partnership project of South Africa and the European Union that specialised in policy- related conflict and governance research within within SADC.

She also has worked as a technical assistant to the Pan African Parliament, the National Treasury and Presidency of South Africa as well as the South African Netherlands Research Programme for Alternatives in Development. She has presented at a number of international conferences around ODA models and parliamentary process in South Africa. Charmaine is also on the Board and Management Committee of an NGO, the Southern Africa Liaison Office which specializes in building international consensus between North and South; South and South diplomats, governments and civil societies around peace-building, democracy, human rights and governance in crisis countries.

Charmaine has also worked on Gender-related issues within development programmes.

Her work experience also extends into Higher Education in both SADC and Ethiopia where she has managed a block -release PhD Proposal Development Programme for Santrust, for Doctoral Candidates of selected countries..

Key words: Strategy as practice; Official Development Assistance, Gender Mainstreaming, Governance, Peace-building and Conflict, Capacity-building, Doctoral Education, Research Methodology