Charmaine Williamson

Charmaine Williamson completed a Masters at Napier Edinburgh University, and then her doctorate at UNISA, on strategies around international financing/ resource mobilisation, using organisational strategy and complexity theories within the context of strategies of financing for development co-operation. From 2008-2014, Charmaine was the part-time Academic Project Manager for Africa & International Programmes with SANTRUST and SANPAD, two development programmes that funded research and doctoral education in countries of SADC as well as Ethiopia.  She headed up the Ethiopian programme, working with 300 Doctoral Candidates on Doctoral Proposal and Thesis writing. From 2015-2016, Charmaine was the Research Management Portfolio Project Manager for Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) which entailed researcher development and other research management programmes that were run in Southern Africa including developing the first ever African professional competency framework (PCF) for research management.

From 2008 onwards, Charmaine has focused on masters and doctoral education with special emphasis on research processes, qualitative methods and theoretical synergies within research studies. She publishes academically in her field and presents at a number of international conferences. She is part-time Faculty at the University of South Africa where she supervises and/or supports postgraduate throughput initiatives. Additionally, she is  a Research Fellow at the University of South Africa. Charmaine currently is located in Canada but with regular commutes back to Africa.