Bosede Comfort Olopade

Dr Bosede Comfort Olopade was born in Zaria in Northern Nigeria in 1971. She is currently a university lecturer in Adeleke University, Ede, where she is a faculty member in the Department of Economics. She received her education from Igbinedion University (South East Nigeria) where she studied for a BSc degree in Economics in 2003, and a Postgraduate Degree (M.Sc.) in Economics from University of Abuja, (Northern Nigeria) in 2008. She has a doctoral degree in Economics and Development Studies (2021) from Covenant University; one of the fastest growing and highly rated private owned universities in Nigeria.

Bosede Olopade is a scholar with over 13 papers in significant journals in the areas of economic growth and development which include; Elsevier, IJEEP, among others. Her reputation as an aspiring scholar earned her few slots as a Board Member in a few important academic journals in the field of economics, and a reputable membership of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) and Peterson institute for International Economic. Within the last two years Olopade was graced with two significant awards for outstanding performance at her institutional affiliation including; the Second Best Award for the researcher with the most impactful publications, and Best Lecturer Award in 2018. In addition, she received the Nigeria Economic Association Merit Award in 2019.

Recent publications:

Olopade, B.C., Okodua, H., Oladosun, M., Urhir, E., Matthew O., Osabuhen, R., & Johunson, O.H. (2020) Economic growth, energy consumption and human capital formation: Implication for knowledge-based economy. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy , 10(1), 37-43

Olopade, B.C., Okodua, H., Oladosun, M., & Asaleye, A.J (2019). Human capital and poverty reduction in OPEC member-countries. Heliyon 5 (8). Published by Elsevier Ltd. ScienceDirect.

Matthew, O., Osabuhien, R., Urhie, E., Adediran, O., Oduntan, E., & Olopade, C. (2019). Agriculture as a Stimulant for Sustainable Development in ECOWAS. Sustainability: The Journal of Records. 12(4).

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