Bert van Pinxteren

Bert van Pinxteren is a guest researcher at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL). He obtained his PhD in 2021. Promotor was Maarten Mous, co-promotor Akinyinka Akinyoade.

Bert obtained a Research Master from Leiden University in 2018. He graduated in Adult Education and Community Organisation from the University of Amsterdam in 1981 and has worked for various NGOs in the area of environment and development. Lived in Nairobi for four years. Has also worked in ICT for research and education.

Interests: language, cultural identity, nation building, environment/development, education, civil society.

Recent publications:

Pinxteren, Bert van (2021). Language of instruction in education in Africa: How new questions help generate new answers. In: International Journal of Educational Development Vol. 88, published online 24 November 2021.

Pinxteren L.M.C. van (2021), Language, education and identity in Africa (Dissertatie. Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL), Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University) LOT dissertation series nr. 595. Amsterdam: LOT. Promotor(en) en Copromotor(en): Mous M.P.G.M., Akinyoade A.

Pinxteren L.M.C. van (2021), Cultural Autonomy and Cultural Dimensions in Africa—as Evidenced from the Afrobarometer Survey. In: Ouedraogo J.B. & Schumaker L. (red.) Méthod(e)s, African Review of Social Science Methodology. Revue africaine de méthodologie des sciences sociales.: Ibidem . 89-110.

Chebanne, Anderson and Pinxteren, L.M.C. van (2021), Why is a gradual transition to Botswana’s languages in higher education necessary? How can it be achieved? Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, published online 6 November 2021.

Pinxteren L.M.C. van (2020), Is Iraqw an easy language to learn?. In: Wal, G.J. van der; Smits, H.J.; Petrollino, S.; Nyst, V.A.S.; Kossmann, M.G. (red.) Essays on African languages and linguistics : in honour of Maarten Mous. ASC occasional publications nr. 41 Leiden: African Studies Centre Leiden. 133-155.

Van Pinxteren, Bert (2019). National Culture and Africa Revisited: Ethnolinguistic Group Data From 35 African Countries. Cross-Cultural Research, (53). First Published online March 15, 2019.

Van Pinxteren, Bert (2018). What Do Enrolment Data Say about Education? In: A. Breedveld and J. Jansen (eds.) Education for Life in Africa. Leiden (Netherlands): African Studies Centre Leiden: 35-50. (chapter 3)

Van Pinxteren, Bert (2018). African Identities - A New Perspective. Research Master Thesis, Leiden University.


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