Bereket Tsegay

Bereket Tsegay is Interim Director and researcher at the London based non-for-profit research institute the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA). He is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD candidate in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London working on the issue of Green Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.  His research has focused on policy analysis, natural resource governance, food security, pastoralism, dynamics of institutions in development, climate change resilience and green economy, risk management as well as social protection. Bereket has rich experience in both consultancy and programme management of the EU and UN supported activities in the Horn of Africa region countries including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somaliland, South Sudan and Sudan and Uganda.

Recent publications

Tsegay, B. (2017) Critical reflections on safety net policies and practices with respect to social protection among pastoral peoples in Sub-Saharan Africa. SPIDA Working Paper Series - ADU/PENHA/DPU-UCL SPIDA/WPS/103/2017.

Fre, Z., Temesgen, G., Negash, Z., Araya, S. T., Tsegay, B., Teka, A. M. and Weldesilassie, B. (2017). Social Protection for Inclusive Development in Afar Region of Ethiopia: Participatory Rural Appraisal Report, SPIDA Working Paper Series-SPIDA/WPS/102/2017, September, 2017

Fre, Z., Tsegay, B., Temesgen, G., Araya, S.T. and Kenton, N. (2017). Social protection among the Afar pastoralist communities in Ethiopia: Beyond survival towards transformation, ADU/PENHA/DPU-UCL SPIDA Policy Brief, Nov 2017.

Fre, Z., Negash, Z., Temesgen, G., Tsegay, B., Teka, A. M.,Weldesilassie, B., Araya, S.T. and Kenton, N. (2018)SPIDA Conference Proceedings: Social protection as a pathway for inclusive development among the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in AfricaADU/PENHA/DPU-UCL - SPIDA-PR/02/February 2018, London, UK.

Fre, Z. and Tsegay, B. (2016) Economic contribution of pastoral and agro-pastoral production to food security and livelihoods systems in Africa, Chapter 8, In: Desta, A. et al (eds) Putting Knowledge to Work: From Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Exchange, Africa World Press

Nick Pasiecznik, N., Choge, S., Fre, Z., Tsegay, B. Parra, F. (2015) The Great Green Forest is here and expanding all on its own: A call for action, Resilience, Research and Innovation (RRI) International Conference, Djibouti26-28 October 2015 Proceedings

Tsegay, B., Livingstone, J. & Fre, Z. (2015) Exploring Prosopis Management & Policy Options in the Greater Horn of Africa: Proceedings of a Regional Conference Tsegay, B. (2012) Food Security in Africa: Critical Issues for Small Scale Producers, Food We Want- Sustainable, Local, Fair Project Launch Event in the UK, PENHA, FWW and IIED

Affiliate member
Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa & SOAS, London