Asnakech Ayele

Asnakech Ayele is a doctoral candidate at Tilburg University, in a joint doctoral program called the European Doctorate on Law and Development (EDOLAD). She has been writing herdoctoral thesis on how Muslim women consent for the application of Sharia law for dispute resolution in personal and family law cases and the impact of their consent on their development or freedom to choose the law which they desire to be applied for their court cases.




Recent publications:

Pandemic restrictions in Ethiopia: Impact on family law cases in Amhara regional state courts, Family Court Review,60(2), 2022.

A Sharia Court Decision on the Type of “Compensation” in Khul’ Divorce: Amhara Regional State Supreme Sharia Court File No 48639 and File No 48339. Omar Anchassi and Robert Gleave (Eds), “Islamic Law in Context: A Primary Source Reader” Cambridge University Press, Online ISBN: 9781009031783 

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Tilburg University
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