Angela Roothaan

Dr Angela Roothaan is a tenured Associate Professor at the VU University Amsterdam. She did her Masters in Philosophy at Leiden University, and her PhD in Philosophy at University of Amsterdam. She published on a wide range of subjects, such as Philosophy of Nature, Spirit Ontologies, Value Ethics and (early) Modern Philosophy, before turning to African and Intercultural philosophy. In recent years she has become an expert in this field, supervising multiple PhD projects and initiating various scholarly networks with a focus on African and Intercultural Philosophy. After publishing her book Indigenous, Modern and Postcolonial Relations to Nature. Negotiating the Environment (Routledge 2019) she now works on an annotated re-translation of Bantu Philosophy by P. Tempels, and collaborates with an interdisciplinary network of scholars to contextualize this classic text of African Philosophy.

Keywords: African philosophy, environmental ethics, epistemology of indigenous knowledge systems.