Angela Kronenburg García

Angela Kronenburg García holds a PhD from Wageningen University & Research (2015) and a degree in cultural anthropology from Leiden University. Her research has focused on land-use change, land/forest tenure, natural-resource conflict, political leadership, investment frontiers and mining-induced resettlement. She has carried out long-term ethnographic research among the agro-pastoral Loita Maasai in Kenya. Her more recent work has focused on northern Mozambique. Angela co-leads several collaborative research projects: the “COVID-19 in African, Asian and North American Drylands” working group and the “Alternatives to Extractivism” initiative - both are funded by several grants. In 2020, she joined the University of Padua for a research project on wetlands in drylands. With a F.R.S.-FNRS postdoctoral fellowship at UCLouvain, she initiated (in 2021) new multi-sited research on the energy transition, graphite mining and the politics of anticipation. Angela’s work lies at the intersection of political ecology and the anthropology of the future. She is based in Maputo, Mozambique.