Amanda Odoi

Amanda Odoi is a feminist, gender, and social justice advocate and an academic. She is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation (CEGRAD) at the University of Cape Coast, where she has for the past nine years engaged in research, advocacy and capacity-building training on women's and gender issues for the university community and external bodies that seek her services. She is also an affiliate lecturer with the School for Development Studies (DIDS) and the Department of Population and Health, all at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, where she teaches gender and sexuality-related courses.

Amanda holds a PhD in Development Studies, A master's degree in Sociology and a bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of Cape Coast. She is an alumnus of the Flinders University, Australia Awards Fellowship programme.

Amanda is passionate about gender issues and key populations and seeks to create a space to highlight their issues and critical role in society through research and advocacy. Amanda's research interests are in sexualities, feminism and feminist organising, gender based violence and masculinities. She is currently co-researching feminist organising in the 21st century in Ghana and societal responses to LGBTQI+ issues in Ghana.

For her external roles, Amanda is an associate editor with Feminist Africa and a Fellow of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), Ghana. She is the alumna ambassador for Australia Awards Africa and served as the gender consultant on the Australia Awards Africa Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) alumna panel from 2016 to 2020. She is also an ambassador for the Africa Science Frontier Initiative (ASFI). Amanda has supported several institutions in Ghana in building the capacity of young girls and women in leadership and addressing sexual and gender-based violence.

Recent publications:

1. Ako, E.Y. & Odoi, A. (2022). LGBTQI+ lawfare in response to the politicisation of   homosexuality in Ghana.  In  Gloppen, S., France Adrian Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalisation, health impacts and game changers. Pretoria University Law Press.

2. Odoi, A. (2021). Homophobic violence in Ghana: When and where it counts. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 1-10.

3. Abdul-Aziz, S., Ahinkorah, B.O., Hagan, J.E., Ameyaw, E.K., Abodey, E., Odoi, A., Agbaglo, E. Sambah, F., Tackie, V., & Schack, T. (2020). Mass media exposure and women’s household decision-making capacity in 30 Sub-saharan African countries: Analysis of demographic and health surveys. Frontiers in Psychology, 11.

4. Cannon, L. M, Sheridan-Fulton, E. C., Dankyi, R. Seidu, A., Compton, S., Odoi, A., Darteh, E. M., Munro-Kramer , M. (2020).  The healthcare provider response to sexual violence in Ghana: A situational analysis. Plosone, 15 (4), 1-18.

5. Fernández-Cornejoa, J. A, Britwum, A. O, Escot, L., Odoi, A., Palomo-Vadillo, M.T., Pozo-Garcíaa, E.V., Ayitey, D.A. (2019). Penalizing fathers who use family-friendly measures. A comparative study with university students from Ghana and Spain. Social Science Research, 1-17.

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