Akinyinka Akinyoade

Akinyinka Akinyoade, Senior Researcher at the ASCL of Leiden University, is a Hydrologist turned Demographer. Armed with a Doctoral degree in Development Studies, he uses demography as the quantitative entry point for conducting research on population health and development (fertility dynamics and family planning in West Africa); migration (human trafficking and forced labour in Nigeria and Italy). Other areas of interest include decentralisation (public services delivery in education and health sectors of Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and Indonesia), agriculture (food security in Africa, climate change and production), and lately business (agricultural value chains, e-health and m-health in Chad, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria).

Dr Akinyoade is a member of the CRG Governance, entrepreneurship and inclusive development (GEID), and the convenor of the CRG Pioneering futures of health and well-being: actors, technologies and social engineering. He is the Chair of the Researchers' Assembly of the African Studies Centre Leiden.

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