Aderonke Esther Adegbite

Aderonke Esther Adegbite, is a practicing lawyer with a PhD in Law, from the University of Ibadan. She is a lecturer at  the Department of Private and Business Law, Faculty of Law, Lead City University, Oyo State in Nigeria. Her research interest is on the interactions between laws, particularly on conflicts between customary rules and their formal counterparts. She studies the impact of such interactions on indigenous persons and children, especially in Nigeria.

She has written articles and she is also involved in projects on Nigerian cultures, child labor, child care and children's rights. Her current research is on the facts of children's marginalization in the quest for inclusive development. It is a multidisciplinary study that analyses the content of domestic and international laws, in relation to other multiple practices on children's protection,children's development and children's participation.

Aderonke is also interested in Yoruba living philosophies, especially those that are based on conceptions of the Divinity and deities.

Recent publications:
Adegbite, A.E. (2016)The Nigerian Legal Framework on the use of DNA in Child Paternity Dispute Resolution, LCULJ  Vol. 2, No1, pp 217-224 -Adegbite, A.E (2017) Baby Factories in Nigeria: An Offence Without a Legal Identity,  OAU, IFJR,Vol.11(1), pp71-87

Adegbite, A.E.(2017) Assessment of Nigerian Cultures within existing Anti-Child Labour Regimes, National Law University Odisha India ,JRC, Vol II Issue 1, pp 98-116 -Olusegun O., Adegbite A.E. (2017) Appraisal of Child Neglect in Nigeria: A Legal Perspective. ABUAD, AJPIL Vol.III, No 1 2017

Adegbite A.E., Olusegun O. (2019)The Nigerian Human Right Framework on Children under the Care of Deities. UNIBEN FLJ Vol 1 2018

Adegbite A. E (2019) Exploring  the Interfaces of   Law and Values In the African Public Service Processes: A Nigerian Analysis, Vol 8, No 1, JPIL, Faculty of Law University of Ibadan 2019


Fellow member
Lead City University, Nigeria