Wind energy in Kenya: a status and policy framework review

TitleWind energy in Kenya: a status and policy framework review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsA. Kazimierczuk
Secondary TitleRenewable and sustainable energy reviews
Pagination434 - 445
Date Published2019
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsenergy policy, Kenya, wind energy

This article provides a review of the latest status and policy framework for wind energy in Africa. In addition, it takes a close look at Kenya, which is one of the most successful African countries in terms of attracting renewable energy (RE) investments, including the largest wind farm on the continent. Globally, wind energy development needs strong government policy. Following numerous bilateral and multilateral efforts, by 2016, the majority of African countries had defined RE supporting policies, with nearly half also having defined their wind energy targets. However, the review of such policies on the continent as a whole, as well as a closer examination of the situation in Kenya, indicate that established supportive policies and fiscal incentives remain important for the development of wind energy on the African continent but are not the decisive factors. It also suggests that international private participation in energy generation and renewable/wind energy expansion in Africa is critical and expected to increase. Consequently, it may be challenging to ensure that African countries capitalise on their inherent advantage in terms of clean energy during their energy transition processes.

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