War in southern Africa: some implications for the environment

TitleWar in southern Africa: some implications for the environment
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsS.D.K. Ellis
EditorC. Schutte, I. Liebenberg, and A. Minnaar
Secondary TitleThe Hidden Hand: covert operations in South Africa
Pagination439 - 456
Date Published1998///
PublisherHuman Sciences Research Council
Place PublishedPretoria
Publication Languageeng
Keywords1993, Africa, conference papers (form), covert operations, policy, South Africa

This volume contains the proceedings of a two-day conference (15-16 November 1993) on covert operations in South Africa in the 1980s. The conference dealt with three broad topics. The first session of day one was spent on setting the parameters of studies on covert operations and also examined the question of whether research on such a problematic area is possible from the perspective of a sociology of knowledge (papers by Ian Liebenberg, Willem Van Vuuren, Windsor Leroke, Charl Schutte, David Chuter, Annette Seegers, Finn Ravnborg, James Selfe, Pieter Duvenage, Max Coleman, Paulus Zulu). The second part of the day was spent looking at and analysing specific case studies, amongst others, the murder of Griffiths Mxenge, Eric Mntonga, André De Villiers, David Webster, and Chris Hani (papers by Dirk Coetzee, Deneys Coombe, Louise Flanagan, Stephen Fourie, Lourens Du Plessis, Ian Phillips, Rory Riordan, Sam Sole, Anthony Minnaar, Greg Nott, Pearlie Joubert, Aubrey Lekwane, Ivor Powell). The second day concentrated on issues of a moral, ethical and constitutional nature (Rocky Williams, Chris Thirion, Laurie Nathan, Mark Shaw, Margot Pienaar). Policy proposals and recommendations are presented at the end


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