Vanguard or vandals : youth, politics and conflict in Africa

TitleVanguard or vandals : youth, politics and conflict in Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
Series EditorG.J. Abbink, and W.M.J.van Kessel
Series titleAfrican dynamics
Pagination1 - 300
Date Published2005///
Place PublishedLeiden ; Boston
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number90-04-14275-4 ; 1568-1777
KeywordsAfrica, African studies, Cameroon, children, history, identity, Kenya, politics, Sudan, violence, youth

This volume contains a range of original studies on the controversial role of youth in politics, conflicts and rebellious movements in Africa. A common aim of the studies is to try and explain why patterns of generational conflict and violent response among younger age groups in Africa are showing such a remarkably uneven spread across the continent. An introduction by Jon Abbink (Being young in Africa: the politics of despair and renewal) is follwed by three parts: 1. Historical perspectives on youth as agents of change (Murray Last on youth in Muslim northern Nigeria, 1750-2000; G. Thomas Burgess on youth in revolutionary Zanzibar); 2. State, crisis and the mobilization of youth (Peter Mwangi Kagwanja on youth identity and the politics of transition in Kenya, 1997-2002; Karel Arnaut on youth and the politics of history in Côte d'Ivoire; Jok Madut Jok on the position of youth in South Sudan; Piet Konings on anglophone university students and anglophone nationalist struggles in Cameroon; and Sara Rich Dorman on youth and politics in Eritrea); 3. Interventions: dealing with youth in crisis (Yves Marguerat on street children in Lomé, Togo; Angela McIntyre on the phenomenon of child soldiers in Africa; Simon Simonse on failed Statehood and the violence of young male pastoralists in the Horn of Africa; and Krijn Peters on the reintegration of young ex-combatants in Sierra Leone). [ASC Leiden abstract]


Based on an African Studies Centre conference held in Leiden in April 2003 - Met bibliogr., noten

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