Situating globality : African agency in the appropriation of global culture

TitleSituating globality : African agency in the appropriation of global culture
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
Series EditorW.M.J. van Binsbergen, R.A. van Dijk, and J.B. Gewald
Series titleAfrican dynamics
Pagination1 - 314
Date Published2004///
Place PublishedLeiden [etc.]
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number90-04-13133-7 ; 1568-1777
Keywords2002, Africa, conference papers (form), Ethiopia, Ghana, globalization, identity, Islam, Niger, Senegal, social change, Somalia, violence, Zambia

The papers in this volume were earlier presented at the conference 'Globalization and new questions of ownership', which was held in Leiden, The Netherlands, from 26-27 April 2002. The volume challenges the dominant view that globalization is a primary threat to African societies. Instead, it emphasizes African agency in situating globality, that is, in selectively and creatively appropriating elements of the emerging global culture. Contributions: Situating globality: African agency in the appropriation of global culture (Wim van Binsbergen, Rijk van Dijk & Jan-Bart Gewald); Global and local trends in media ownership and control: implications for cultural creativity in Africa (Francis B. Nyamnjoh); Global media and violence in Africa: the case of Somalia (Jan-Bart Gewald); Can ICT belong in Africa, or is ICT owned by the North Atlantic region? (Wim van Binsbergen); 'Man will live well': on the poetics of corruption in a global age (Sanya Osha); 'Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia': Pentecostal Pan-Africanism and Ghanaian identities in the transnational domain (Rijk van Dijk); Global connections, local ruptures: the case of Islam in Senegal (Roy Dilley); How is a girl to marry without a bed? : weddings, wealth and women's value in an Islamic town of Niger (Adeline Masquelier); The social life of secrets (Senegal, Ferdinand de Jong); The persistence of female initiation rites: reflexivity and resilience of women in Zambia (Thera Rasing). [ASC Leiden abstract]


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