Research note: the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) pamphlet collection

TitleResearch note: the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) pamphlet collection
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsT.A. van der Hoog
Secondary TitleCold War History
Date Published2022
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsarchives, cold war, decolonization, liberation archives, Nordic countries, Southern Africa

During the decolonisation of southern Africa (1960s-1990s), several national liberation movements benefited from support from the Nordic countries, where they established foreign missions and mobilized international aid. As a result, a considerable amount of African primary source material has been amassed over the years. This material is now accessible through the Pamphlet Collection of the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI). The Pamphlet Collection contains over 700 boxes with (primary) source material from the entire African continent, including unique material from national liberation movements that is difficult to find elsewhere. Scholars of the Cold War can use this fascinating collection to study African agency during an era that – often wrongly - seemed to be dominated by Great Power competition. This Research Note explores contents of the Pamphlet Collection, with a particular focus on material from southern Africa.

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