Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsW.M.J. van Binsbergen, and P.L. Geschiere
EditorW.M.J. van Binsbergen, and P.L. Geschiere
Secondary TitleOld modes of production and capitalist encroachment : anthropological explorations in Africa
Paginationxv - xviii
Date Published1985///
PublisherKegan Paul International
Place PublishedLondon
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAfrica, African studies, dual economy, history, modes of production

Revised version of a book first published in 1982 in Dutch entitled "Oude produktiewijzen en binnendringend kapitalisme" by the Free University, Amsterdam, in association with the African Studies Centre, Leiden. The modern history of Africa can be seen in Marxist terms as a process by which the capitalist mode of production was established all over the continent, but did not totally replace the old mode of production. An articulation of modes of production took place instead. The essays in this book deal with the theory of articulation as well as the empirical application of this key concept in various geographical areas and historical periods

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