The politics of neoliberal reforms in Africa : State and civil society in Cameroon

TitleThe politics of neoliberal reforms in Africa : State and civil society in Cameroon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsP.J.J. Konings
Date Published2011///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre & Langaa Publishers
Place PublishedLeiden [etc.]
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsCameroon, civil society, privatization, State-society relationship, structural adjustment

Neoliberalism has become the dominant development agenda in Africa, but neoliberal experiments have displayed a remarkable diversity in different countries. This book focuses on Cameroon, where the neoliberal project has been influenced by the nation's complex economic and political history. Currently, the country is witnessing resistance to the neoliberal experiment by the authoritarian and neopatrimonial elite, as well as various civil society groups. The book examines elite opposition to the neoliberal reforms imposed by the Bretton Woods institutions and Western donors, the role of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the effects of two key policy prescriptions of the neoliberal agenda, namely privatization and global open markets, political liberalization and the secessionist movement in Anglophone Cameroon, the link between privatization, good governance and ethnoregional conflict, the border dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria, China-Cameroon relations in the era of neoliberal globalization, political liberalization and the 1990-1996 student revolt, innovative activities of the youth in Douala to cope with the economic crisis, trade unionism and globalization, and changes in the position of workers on the Ndu Tea Estate during the economic crisis and liberalization. [ASC Leiden abstract]

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