A plea for kaleidoscopic knowledge production

TitleA plea for kaleidoscopic knowledge production
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsM.M.A. Kaag, and M. Ocadiz
EditorE. Mawdsley, E. Fourie, and W. Nauta
Secondary TitleResearching South-South development cooperation :the politics of knowledge production
Series titleRethinking development
Date Published2019
Place PublishedLondon
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number9781138310681
Keywordsdevelopment cooperation, research, South-South relations

In this chapter, we aim to reflect on our own positionalities vis-à-vis the topic of South–South Development Cooperation (SSDC), both in terms of research background and experience, our personal journeys and our institutional setting, and explore what these yield for a better understanding of SSDC. We argue that, instead of de/legitimizing certain positionalities for being un/able to speak about certain phenomena, the best way forward is to bring different partial perspectives and knowledge together in order to complement one another for a better and more complete comprehension, like a kaleidoscope in which different shapes and colours produce a fascinating picture.

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