Pastoralists under pressure : Fulbe societies confronting change in West Africa

TitlePastoralists under pressure : Fulbe societies confronting change in West Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
Series EditorJ.W.M. van Dijk, V. Azarya, A. Breedveld, and M.E. de Bruijn
Pagination - 454
Date Published1999///
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAfrica, animal husbandry, Cameroon, ethnicity, Fulani, Mali, social change, Sudan, West Africa

This collective volume discusses social change and ecological and cultural adaptation among the Fulbe of West Africa. The introduction is by Victor Azarya. Part 1 (Ethnicity) contains chapters by Roger Blench (the question of why there are so many pastoral groups in East Africa whereas in West Africa the Fulbe are the only major pastoralist group); Al-Amin Abu-Manga (diversity among the Fulbe of Sudan); Anneke Breedveld (prototypes and ethnic categorization: on the terms 'Pullo' and 'Fulbe' in Maasina, Mali); Catherine Vereecke (ethnic change and continuity among the Fulbe of Aadamaawa emirate, Nigeria); Thierno Diallo (sociopolitical structure of the traditional society of Fuuta Jaloo). Part 2 (Ecology and politics) contains chapters by Thomas J. Bassett and Zuéli Koli Bi (Fulbe livestock raising in Côte d'Ivoire); Jean Boutrais (improved veterinary techniques in Aadamaawa, Cameroon); Antje van Driel (Fulbe relations with Dendi agriculturalists in Benin); Youssouf Diallo (Fulbe-Senufo relations in Côte d'Ivoire); Han van Dijk (ecological insecurity in the Niger Bend). Part 3 (Social transformation) contains chapters by Philip Burnham (social change in Fulbe society); Mirjam de Bruijn (insecurity in Fulbe society in Mali); Thierno Bah (decline of pastoralism in Fuuta Jaloo); Jean Schmitz (the eviction of Fulbe from the Mauritanian Senegal River bank in 1989); John Hanson (historical analysis of Fulbe presence in Kaarta, Mali). The contributions by Thierno Diallo, Jean Boutrais, Youssouf Diallo, Thierno Bah and Jean Schmitz are in French.

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