Pastoralists, chiefs and bureaucrats : a grazing scheme in dryland Central Mali

TitlePastoralists, chiefs and bureaucrats : a grazing scheme in dryland Central Mali
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsJ.W.M. van Dijk, and M.E. de Bruijn
EditorJ.P.M. van den Breemer, C.A. Drijver, and L.B. Venema
Secondary TitleLocal resource management in Africa
Pagination77 - 95
Date Published1995///
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Place PublishedChichester
Publication Languageeng
Keywords1993, Africa, Cameroon, conference papers (form), Dogon, farmers, Mali, natural resource management, Subsaharan Africa, Zimbabwe

The papers in this volume were presented at a conference on local resource management in Africa, held in Leiden on February 9-10, 1993. Introduction: Local resource management in African national contexts (Hans P.M. van den Breemer and L. Bernhard Venema); Case studies: Working with nature: local fishery management on the Logone floodplain in Chad and Cameroon (Carel A. Drijver, Jeroen C.J. van Wetten and Wouter T. de Groot) - Local management of moving resources: the case of the Dogon village herd (Walter E.A. van Beek) - Farmers managing their most scarce resource: an example of local-level soil fertility management in northern Cameroon (Bart de Steenhuijsen Piters and Louise O. Fresco) - Pastoralists, chiefs and bureaucrats: a grazing scheme in dryland central Mali (Han van Dijk and Mirjam de Bruijn) - Towards local management of natural resources in Senegal (Hans P.M. van den Breemer, Rice R. Bergh and Gerti Hesseling) - Wilfdlife resources and local development: experiences from Zimbabwe's Campfire programme (Wim Olthof) - Local environmental management in north Benin (Leo J. de Haan) - With a little help from our friends: the Gouzda case of local resource management in Cameroon (Carel A. Drijver and Youp J.J. van Zorge) - Insight, self-interest and participation: the keys to improved local environmental management: an example from Senegambia (Menno P. Sypkens Smit). Theoretical contributions by L. Bernhard Venema; Peter Laban; Wouter T. de Groot, Jeroen C.J. van Wetten and Carel A. Drijver; and K. Freerk Wiersum and Berry E.J.C. Lekanne dit Deprez (on the Sahel).



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