Partner countries for Dutch bilateral development assistance 1962-2015

TitlePartner countries for Dutch bilateral development assistance 1962-2015
Publication TypeOther
Year of Publication2016
Series EditorA. Kazimierczuk, A.J. Dietz, and N. de Vink
Series titleASC themakaart
Pagination - 2
Date Published2016///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre Leiden (ASCL)
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsdeveloping countries, development cooperation, Netherlands

The Netherlands has been an active supporter of international development aid. Dutch development cooperation started in response to Truman's "Four point programme" announced in 1949. It began as technical assistance, channelled through multilateral channels. Bilateral aid started in 1962 and was introduced by (then) Minister for Development Cooperation Berend-Jan Udink. Since then, the priorities, target countries and budget of Dutch development cooperation have continuously shifted. This thematic map illustrates how the partner countries for Dutch development cooperation have changed throughout the years.

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