Online representation of sustainable city initiatives in Africa: how inclusive?

TitleOnline representation of sustainable city initiatives in Africa: how inclusive?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsA.J. Dietz
Secondary TitleInternational development policy/revue internationale de politique de développement
Pagination139 - 161
Date Published2018///
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number1663-9391
KeywordsAfrica, cities, local government, sustainable development, urban planning, urbanization

Africa's rapid population growth, and even more rapid urbanisation, creates serious sustainability challenges. Like many cities in other parts of the world, African cities try to become 'green', and promote change in urban design and lifestyles to encourage more sustainable living. Many of these initiatives are supported by international agencies and illustrated on agency websites. Studying these websites, we try to answer three related questions dealing with the inclusivity of those initiatives: the geographical coverage (which cities?), the thematic coverage (how 'holistic'?) and the social inclusivity (how inclusive in terms of social focus?). Both scholars and practitioners should become more inclusive in their approaches to sustainable cities in Africa.


Special issue: "African cities and the development conundrum". See also the Brill edition:

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