New media and religious transformations in Africa

TitleNew media and religious transformations in Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
Series EditorR.I.J. Hackett, and B.F. Soares
Pagination - 332
Date Published2015///
PublisherIndiana University Press
Place PublishedBloomington
Publication Languageeng

New Media and Religious Transformations in Africa casts a critical look at Africa's rapidly evolving religious media scene. Following political liberalization, media deregulation, and the proliferation of new media technologies, many African religious leaders and activists have appropriated such media to strengthen and expand their communities and gain public recognition. Media have also been used to marginalize and restrict the activities of other groups, which has sometimes led to tension, conflict, and even violence. Showing how media are rarely neutral vehicles of expression, the contributors to this multidisciplinary volume analyze the mutual imbrications of media and religion during times of rapid technological and social change in various places throughout Africa.

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