Modernity on a shoestring : dimensions of globalization, consumption and development in Africa and beyond

TitleModernity on a shoestring : dimensions of globalization, consumption and development in Africa and beyond
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsR. Fardon, W.M.J. van Binsbergen, and R.A. van Dijk
Pagination - VIII, 422
Date Published1999///
Place PublishedLeiden [etc.]
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number90-5448-037-8
Keywords1997, Africa, conference papers (form), consumption, democratization, global economy, South Africa, Uganda

This book is out of print. The papers collected in this volume were first presented at a conference on 'Globalization, development and the making of consumers: what are collective identities for?' which was held in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 13-16 March 1997. The papers are concerned with the challenge to the development paradigm presented by its potential submersion within processes of economic globalization. The following chapters are on Africa: The accountability of commodities in a global marketplace: the cases of Bolivian coca and Tanzanian honey (Alberto Arce, Eleanor Fisher) - The Pentecostal gift: Ghanaian charismatic churches and the moral innocence of the global economy (Rijk van Dijk) - 'Progress' as discursive spectacle: but what comes after development? (David Mills on Uganda) - Christian mind and worldly matters: religion and materiality in the nineteenth-century Gold Coast (Birgit Meyer) - Mary's room: a case study on becoming a consumer in Francistown, Botswana (Wim van Binsbergen) - Second-hand clothing encounters in Zambia: global discourses, Western commodities and local histories (Karen Tranberg Hansen) - Globalization and the making of consumers: Zambian kitchen parties (Thera Rasing) - African corruption in the context of globalization (Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan) - Market expansion, globalized discourses and changing identity politics in Kenya (Andreas van Nahl) - The production of translocality: initiation in the sacred grove in southern Senegal (Ferdinand de Jong) - The production of 'primitiveness' and identity: Surma-tourist interactions (Jan Abbink) - Anthropology, identity politics, consumption and development in post-apartheid South Africa (P.A. McAllister) - Rural democratization in Zanzibar: the 1995 general elections (Greg Cameron)


Based on an EIDOS (European Inter-university Development Opportunities Study-group) conference held at The Hague, 13-16 March 1997 - Met bibliogr., index., noten

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