L'état ce n'est pas nous! : cultural proletarization in Cameroon

TitleL'état ce n'est pas nous! : cultural proletarization in Cameroon
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsW. E. A.van Beek
Secondary TitleLes cahiers du Centre d'étude et de documentation africaines
Pagination65 - 87
Date Published1986///
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsCameroon, Kapsiki, state

Exploring the penetration of the state into the region of the Kapsiki (and Higi) of North Cameroon and northeastern Nigeria, the author shows that the marginalization of the Kapsiki was not caused by geographical factors, but was mainly the product of interaction with state-building processes from the 18th century onwards. The continuing marginalization and exploitation of the Kapsiki are described as a process of cultural proletarization. Bibliogr., notes

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