Introduction : beyond the confinement of affliction : a discursive field of experience

TitleIntroduction : beyond the confinement of affliction : a discursive field of experience
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsR.A. van Dijk, R. Reis, and M. Spierenburg
EditorR.A. van Dijk, R. Reis, and M. Spierenburg
Secondary TitleThe quest for fruition through ngoma : political aspects of healing in southern Africa
Pagination1 - 11
Date Published2000///
PublisherJames Currey
Place PublishedLondon
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAfrica, African religions, faith healing, gender, Malawi, Rural, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Ngoma, a southern African ritual of healing, dance, rhythm and rhyme, is at the heart of social effort to change the fortunes of individuals and communities so that well-being is restored. This collective volume investigates ngoma in its many and culturally diverse manifestations. Contributions: Rijk van Dijk, Ria Reis and Marja Spierenburg (introduction); Henny Blokland (the use of drums in weddings in Unyamwezi, Tanzania, as the key to their use in healing cults and politics); Annette Drews (gender and ngoma among the Kunda of eastern Zambia); Ria Reis (therapeutic ngoma in Swaziland); Marja Spierenburg (the influence of healers' clientele in the Mhondoro territorial cult in Dande, Zimbabwe); Matthew Schoffeleers (rain cults as therapeutic ngoma in the Mbona cult of rural Malawi); Cor Jonker (the politics of therapeutic ngoma as exemplified in the Zionist churches in urban Zambia); Rijk van Dijk (ngoma and born-again fundamentalism in urban Malawi). In the afterword, John M. Janzen takes up critically the challenges to his own work (1992) presented by the contributions in this volume.

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