Gulf charities in Africa

TitleGulf charities in Africa
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsM.M.A. Kaag
EditorJ. Benthall, and R. Lacey
Secondary TitleGulf charities and Islamic philanthropy in the 'age of terror'' and beyond
Pagination79 - 94
Date Published2014///
PublisherGerlach Press
Place PublishedBerlin [etc.]
Publication Languageeng

This chapter considers the work of charities from the Gulf region in Africa. After a historical overview of Gulf charities’ presence on the continent and a discussion of the ways in which diverse African contexts impact on their work, it continues by exploring how current changes in the global context affect Gulf charities in Africa. This includes the negative influence of the ‘War on Terror’, but also more recent trends that may facilitate Gulf charities’ work in Africa, such as changing ideas about religion and ‘development’ in the humanitarian field, and the emergence of an increasingly multi-polar world order challenging the hegemony of the West in economic, political and cultural domains.

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