Dutch anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s

TitleDutch anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsW.M.J. van Binsbergen
Series titleResearch report ; 16
Pagination1 - 40
Date Published1982///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number90-70110-34-2
KeywordsAfrica, African studies, anthropology, Bibliographies (form), Netherlands

Aim of this research report is to present a picture of anthropological work on sub-Saharan Africa as undertaken in the Netherlands during the 1970s. After an introduction follows, in section 2, a discussion of the discipline and its predicaments. In section 3 the author discusses the resources and background of Africanist anthropology in the Netherlands. Section 4 is a succinct presentation of the current Dutch work, while, in section 5, some general trends as well as blind spots are identified. (This study also appeared in: Current issues in anthropology: the Netherlands / ed. by Peter Kloos and H.J.M. Claessen, 1981, p. 45-84.)


Eerder verschenen in: Current issues in anthropology : the Netherlands / eds. P. Kloos and H. J M. Claessen. - Rotterdam : Nederlands Sociologische en Antropologische Vereniging, 1981. - p. 45-84 - Met lit. opg

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