The criminalization of the state in Africa

TitleThe criminalization of the state in Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsJ.F. Bayart, S.D.K. Ellis, and B. Hibou
Series titleAfrican issues
Pagination - XVIII, 126
Date Published1999///
PublisherCurrey [etc.]
Place PublishedOxford
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0-85255-813-9
KeywordsAfrica, political repression, South Africa, state, Subsaharan Africa

Fraud and smuggling on a major scale, the plundering of natural resources, the privatization of State institutions, the development of an economy of plunder, the growth of private arms - all of these features of public life in Africa suggest that the State itself is becoming a vehicle for organized criminal activity. This book analyses the criminalization of the State in Africa in the following chapters: From kleptocracy to the felonious State? (Jean-François Bayart, Stephen Ellis & Béatrice Hibou) - The 'social capital' of the felonious State (Jean-François Bayart) - The new frontiers of crime in South Africa (Stephen Ellis) - The 'social capital' of the State as an agent of deception (Béatrice Hibou) - Conclusion (Jean-François Bayart)


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