Colonization, genocide and resurgence: the Herero of Namibia 1890-1933

TitleColonization, genocide and resurgence: the Herero of Namibia 1890-1933
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJ.B. Gewald
EditorM. Bollig, and J.B. Gewald
Secondary TitlePeople, cattle and land : transformations of a pastoral society in southwestern Africa
Pagination187 - 225
Date Published2000///
Place PublishedKöln
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number3-89645-352-1
Keywords1997, Africa, conference papers (form), genocide, Germany, Herero, history, identity, Namibia, pastoralists

The papers brought together in this volume were originally presented at a symposium on the culture, history and economy of the Otjiherero-speaking people - the Herero and the Himba - of Namibia, which was held in Siegberg, Germany, in September 1997. The papers are grouped in five parts: The emergence of pastoral strategies and social developments in southwestern Africa (contributions by Andrew B. Smith, Thomas Frank, Tilman Lenssen-Erz and Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig) - Formations and transformations of pastoral societies (Dag Henrichsen, Jan-Bart Gewald, Hildi Hendrickson, Wolfgang Werner) - The economic organization of livestock husbandry in the 20th century (Michael Bollig, Itaru Ohta, Ute Stahl, Giorgio Miescher) - Conceptualizations of environment and society (Steven van Wolputte, Andreas E. Eckl, David Crandall, Christofer Wärnlöf) - Maintaining pastoral identities on the periphery (Jeremy Silvester, Thomas Widlok, Ruy Duarte de Carvalho). The papers are preceded by an introduction on the transformations of pastoral society in Namibia by Michael Bollig and Jan-Bart Gewald

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