'Beyond our wildest dreams' : the United Democratic Front and the transformation of South Africa

Title'Beyond our wildest dreams' : the United Democratic Front and the transformation of South Africa
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsW.M.J.van Kessel
Series titleReconsiderations in Southern African history
Pagination - XVIII, 367
Date Published2000///
PublisherUniversity Press of Virginia
Place PublishedCharlottesville [etc.]
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0-8139-1861-8
KeywordsAfrica, apartheid, Country, dissertations (form), dreams, history, national liberation movements, rebellions, Rural, Social stratification, South Africa, United Democratic Front, youth

The 1980s were a dramatic period in the history of South Africa. At stake in the battles of the 1980s was the contest about changing the borderlines in the racial and social stratifications of the country. In this contest, participants developed their own visions of a future society, of a new political and social order as well as a new moral order. This book examines these processes at the local level. It focuses on the United Democratic Front (UDF) as a social movement from below, officially launched in August 1983. The aim of the UDF was the creation of a united democratic South Africa. The author takes three local organizations as a vantage point. The first part of the book briefly explores the origins of the UDF, followed by a chronological outline of major events and trends in the 1980s. The second part consists of three case studies, which look in detail at locally based attempts at shaping a new society: a youth congress in Sekhukhuneland, a rural part of Lebowa in the Northern Transvaal; a civic association in Kagiso, a township west of Johannesburg; and 'Grassroots', a community newspaper in the Cape Peninsula. The conclusion describes how these local struggles fit into the overall story of the antiapartheid struggle


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